The dreaded first post.

Hello, nobody.

Sometime in the future, once you've all read, watched, listened to, eaten, and bought toys that have leaked out of my brain hole, onto a page, and into your calloused, jaded hearts, we'll all come back here and laugh at humble beginnings. But, for now, let's just give a basic run down of what this is supposed to be.

My first novel, Harvey Boy, is nearing the completion of its second draft. That's the awesome hero's journey about a suicidal man with cartoon rabbit bunny ears in a secret world of cartoon people. In the shorter term, a few short stories are currently making the rounds to magazines, and should be popping up soon.

"Like All Good Things Do" is a realistic story about growing up poor, and the things we do for the people we care about. It's sad, sweet, and hopefully you'll be able to see it soon. Meanwhile, "The Sound," a lovecraftian short about a mysterious global phenomenon is finding a home amongst the horror magazines, and a dark murder mystery up in the arctic circle, called "First Sight," should be finished within the week. Exciting times all around.

Stick it here for any and all updates, musings, reviews of TV, Movies, and games, and general rants. Hope on, kids! It's gonna be a hoot!